Frequently Asked Questions

The place for Spa CoversTreat your spa cover like a fine piece of furniture or expensive automobile. You wouldn't think of jumping up and down or placing sharp or heavy objects on them! Consider purchasing a spa cover removal system to assist you in moving your cover on and off. It prolongs the life of your cover and makes your spa experience so much more enjoyable. Think of it as the garage door opener for spas.

Q: What do I do if I get a puddle on the spa cover?

A: If you get a puddle on your spa cover, unzip the vinyl covering and turn over the foam core. That will probably take care of it. If not, check to see if your spa is level.

Q: What can I do about treating the spa water?

A: Ask your spa dealer about proper water chemistry. It will extend the life of your cover and your spa. Your skin will feel better, too!

Q: How often should I clean my spa cover?

A: Once a month, clean and condition your vinyl with cleaner and vinyl conditioning creme - complete with UV blockers to help protect your cover from harsh sun. Vinyl can dry and become brittle which can cause wear on all the seams and stress points.

Q: Should I get tie-down straps for my cover?

A: Yes, and be sure to lock down all tie down straps in place after each use of your spa. For added security and wind protection, consider using hold-down straps which lock down across the spa cover.

Q: How can I remove tree sap, paint, grease or grime from my spa cover?

A: Tree sap can be removed with cigarrette lighter fluid. Use sparingly. Immediately apply conditioner to that area. Solvents used to remove wet paint, however, will damage the vinyl, so once the paint is dry, it can't be
removed. Grease and grime can be removed with a thorough washing with spa cover cleaner or a mild liquid dishwashing soap and water.

Q: Whats the best method to clean the underside of the spa cover?

A: A sponge and simple dishwashing liquid with water. Just be sure not to get any soap into the spa!

Q: I'm wondering about mildew. Is this a potential problem?

A: The key is to maintain proper water chemistry levels to avoid mildew. However, if you do encounter mildew with your cover, here's a simple way to get rid of it. Remove the foam cores from the vinyl encasement.
Mix water and mild dishwashing soap. With a soft bristle brush, scrub the inside of the encasement thoroughly. Place the encasement in the sun and foam cores in the
shade to dry. Once everything is dry, spray the cores and encasement with a mildew inhibitor. Allow to dry completely, then reassemble.

Q: What if my foam core gets broken? Can I obtain replacement foam cores of the same quality?

A: Yes, simply have your dealer re-order them for you...

Q: Would anything happen to my cover if my spa water is over-chemicalized?

A: Some bleaching of the bottom vinyl will naturally occur with any spa. However, drastic color change is your first sign of improper water chemistry. Since
this is not healthy for your cover, your spa or your skin, we suggest you ask your dealer how to maintain healthy water chemistry.

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